Custom CNC Routing & Fabrication of Thermoplastic Products

A client in the environmental testing industry requested C-Plex, Inc. to manufacture a custom plastic housing designed to create a HEPA-filtered environment in an automated metals digestion testing application. These housings, manufactured from a high-performance durable plastic able to tolerate highly corrosive environments, would contain all of the electrical and mechanical components for the system.

Using the KOMO Mach I, CNC router capable of handling large parts, our machinists routed both sides of the assembly's panels. CNC milling operations were then used to create additional housing features, and a thermoforming process was used to shape the individual panels to specification before the assembly process. The 38" x 32" x 21", 50-lbs. housing was assembled using both threaded stainless steel press inserts and a chemical solvent bonding process. Quality checks during machining and assembly ensured that the finished units were within the tight ±.005" tolerances required by the customer.

Autoblock Finished
Autoblock Finished

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C-Plex, Inc. completed six of these custom plastic housings within a 3-4 week period.  The units were packed and shipped to the customer in Massachusetts, on-specification, on-time, and on-budget.

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Custom CNC Routing of Thermoplastic Products Project Details

Product Description Automated Test Housing
Capabilities Applied/Processes CNC Routing - Both Sides of Kydex Routed
CNC Milling
Thermoforming - Heat Bends to Specified Dimensions
  • Threaded Stainless Steel Press Inserts
  • Chemical Solvent Bonding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part KOMO Mach I, 5' x 8' CNC Router
HAAS Super VF4 High Speed CNC Machining Center
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 38"
Width: 32"
Height: 21"
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Material Used Kydex, Acrylic, PVC, HDPE
In process testing/inspection performed In Process Measurements During CNC Machining
In Process Fit Checks During Assembly
Estimated Part Weight Approximately 50 Pounds
Industry for Use Environmental Lab Testing Equipment
Lead Time 3 to 4 Weeks
Quantity 6 Complete Units
Delivery Location Palmer, Massachusetts
Standards Met Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name AutoBlock

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